Though Joss Whedon revealed that there was a ton of footage left out of  ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ the director also shared that there would be no director’s cut of his final project at Marvel Studios (for now). But luckily that provides a lot of deleted scenes for the Blu-Ray release, which is coming this Friday. And before True Believers can get their hands on their own copies, a new scene involving the God of Thunder (who happens to be shirtless) has made it’s way online for all to see.

One of the most disjointed storylines in all of ‘Age of Ultron’ was when Thor went to a cave to make sense of the Asgardian Avenger’s apocalyptic visions. Whedon later explained that originally Thor and Erik Selvig went to visit the Norn, who are the overseers of fate, to explain the Scarlet Witch-induced dreams. However, all that exposition was left out of the final cut due to studio involvement and negative reactions from test audiences. But now we can see how all that factored into the original plot thanks to io9, who recently shared the extended version of the scene from the upcoming Blu-Ray. Not only does the Norn (who are possessing Thor in this scene) address the Infinity Stones and foreshadow the Vision’s birth due to the Mind Stone, but elements of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ are teased here as well. You can check out the whole thing right here:

Though this scene does answer some questions about Thor’s storyline, I’m not really sure why the Norn would be the best consultant for beating Ultron. The dreams are definitely in their wheelhouse, but it doesn’t make much sense to approach them with requests for battle strategy against a robot from Midgard. But either way, it would have been nice to see this in the movie. Not only did it tie up loose ends with Thor, but also there was a lot of foreshadowing for what’s to come in Phase Three, which is always a cool thing to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What do you think about this deleted scene from ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’? Do you think that it would’ve strengthened Thor’s storyline in the film or was it fine without this scene? And regardless of your preference, were you more interested in the shirtless Chris Hemsworth than the storytelling going on anyway? Sound off in the comments.