Months before HBO’s ‘Westworld’ premiered, it stirred up controversy when word emerged that it would feature a LOT of nudity.  Once the series hit the air, this proved to be true.  Not only were the robotic inhabitants of this fantasy world programmed to please its visitors any way the patrons desired, but between their “scenes” in the sophisticated theme park, the androids (who don’t realize they are androids) were often seen completely naked as they were reprogrammed for upcoming scenarios.

‘Westworld”s creators Jonathan Nolan and Linda Joy and its stars Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, and Jeffrey Wright attended a panel for the show at the Tribeca Film Festival.  After a screening of the first episode of Season Two (which will air on April 22), the panel discussed the upcoming season and one revelation is that there would be far less nudity than Season One.

Joy explained:

“Filming a nude scene is hard and difficult, because these are peers and also friends, and I understand how vulnerable that makes people.  We were very upfront about the nudity from the start, and trying to talk with all our actors [about] not only why it was in the script, but also the safeguards we would have on set in terms of trying to protect them as much as possible. We talked to people who would be in the scenes with them about being careful. It’s a vulnerable position. In both our filming and our cutting, we’re not lingering on parts that aren’t essential to the story. What is essential to the story is that feeling of both perfection and tragedy. They’re sitting there, literally being objectified, treated as objects to be operated on and talked about while they’re right there in the room. So you always know what you’re asking, and the great trust it takes for actors to go there with you. It’s an essential part of the story, and it’s guided by what the characters are doing. So yeah, when the hosts get power, they’re not gonna spend a lot of time naked on a stool.”

While there was a lot of nudity in Season One, it was rarely in a sexual context.  More often it was very cold and clinical.  But as we saw, some of the hosts began to realize the truth of their existence and the façade of the theme park began to crack.

Were you a fan of the first season?  Are you looking forward to a return trip, even without all the naked parts?

Source: Entertainment Weekly