It seems as though Starz has set ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ on fast forward last night. Seven weeks after they escaped the house, and the CIA, Gwen is back home in Cardiff with Rhys, the baby, and her Mum and Dad – who is interned in the basement for fear of him being carted off as a  Cat 1 and ultimately destroyed.

Captain Jack is in Scotland with Esther, who is playing nursemaid after Jack was shot in an escape attempt last episode. Rex is back with the CIA in full force, using all the resources to his advantage.

Jilly (Lauren Ambrose) has been invited to join “The Family” and undergoes a name change to protect her identity, and is sent to Shanghai. Oswald Danes is… well, missing in action. The entire planet has plunged into a recession of epic proportions. In fact, it’s so bad they go so far as to officially call it another “Great Depression.”

Even medical supplies are hard to come by, as Gwen further proves by crashing a car into a pharmacy and “blagging” several boxes of drugs. Obviously a far cry from her law enforcement days, she is also selling the overstock of drugs to other citizens for extra money.

Being a Torchwood operative is the only thing keeping her family safe, as we see that she is under surveillance from an unknown source across the way. A government agent shows up at Rhys and Gwens door, and forces his way in, warrant be damned. He is searching, of course, for a Cat 1 supposedly being hidden there.

If I were Gwen, I’d probably have given them exactly three seconds to get out of my house before I sent them all to the ovens myself.  The hidden wall in the basement staves off the death Nazis this time, and they depart with a warning to Gwen to take care, implying that she is being watched very closely. To make matters worse the missing Oswald Danes, posing as a delivery man, gains access to Gwen’s flat and is summarily wailed upon by Gwen. In her defense, she did dry the pot before trouncing him brutally about the head and face. Oswald, while bleeding profusely onto Gwen’s floor, tells them he has information in exchange for talking to Jack – who arrives after he and Gwen incapacitate the man watching her house.

On a call to Rex back across the pond in America, he has managed to track down some information through an old pulp fiction story from 1938. He’s got some ideas that might enable our team to track down what’s really going on, find the Blessing and put an end to the Miracle.

The team uncovers a pattern, and with, believe it or not, Rhys’ help – realize that the connection between Shanghai and Buenos Aires is a straight line… literally. Things heat up, and fast. It’s one hell of a lead up to the series finally next week, which this writer will be watching and live tweeting from the @ScienceFiction Twitter handle during the show. So be sure to tune in to ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day,’ and grab the laptop, tablet, or smartphone to Tweet along with me as we see what happens to the ‘Torchwood’ team!

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