Amazon Jonathan Hickman

Amazon Studios is now developing not one, but two series from one of my favorite comic authors out there! That’s right folks, Jonathan Hickman’s runs on both ‘East of West’ and ‘Transhuman’ are going to end up as ongoing shows on the streaming service. Not only that, but Robert Kirkman is getting in on the action and will be executive producing both of the shows through Skybound Entertainment who has a first-look deal in place with Amazon Studios.

Hickman is on board as the creator and executive producer for both shows with the artists Nick Dragotta and J.M. Ringuet who helped create these two properties joining him. While the studios are looking for a writer to adapt ‘Transhuman’, it looks like Hickman will personally be penning the script for ‘East of West’!

For those unfamiliar with the comics, ‘East of West’ takes us to a Western landscape vastly different from what actually played out. There, America is divided into seven nations, and we follow the character “Death.” Yes, you should be thinking the Grim Reaper here. In the book, he is working to save his mortal family from the oncoming apocalypse and must go up against the other Horsemen, various monsters, and gunslingers to keep them safe.

In a completely different concept, ‘Transhuman’ is set in the near future and follows two highly successful individuals going through a divorce. They were in charge of two corporations who were rivals and allowed for humans to become ‘Transhuman’ or genetically and robotically modify themselves.

According to Hickman:

“Nick, J.M. and I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Skybound and Amazon. We feel very strongly about each project and couldn’t be more appreciative of how far both companies have gone to make us feel welcome. We look forward to doing the work and hopefully doing it well.”

Hickman is responsible for my favorite run on the soon returning ‘Fantastic Four’ and has had a slew of original titles that I’ve enjoyed reading over the years, including both of these books.

Are you looking forward to seeing Hickman’s books adapted for the small screen? Do you think that ‘East of West’ or ‘Transhuman’ will resonate better with audiences? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline