walking dead

We know that a variety of ‘The Walking Dead’ spinoffs have been pitched at this point but it looks like the next area we might see infected is your local movie theater. Currently, it sounds like there is talk that a feature film could be made out of the franchise.

Of the recently finished story arc of ‘All Out War,’ we’ve heard from showrunner Scott M. Gimple that filming it was like “doing a 33-hour movie.” This didn’t immediately lead into the movie comment, but when talking about spinoffs, Gimple did say that he’s “working on that new stuff, and there are all sorts of interesting possibilities that I dare not even address specifically”. Plans are that they are moving forward with things that are “different” and “trying to achieve a variety”.

This prodding of variety ended up being where Gimple was outright asked if a movie is in the franchise’s future:

“Hmm, I mean, that kind of variety, that’s we’re talking about. All the differences of the ways we tell the story, yeah, what we can feature and all that. There’s a whole universe of possibilities.”

While not directly confirming that a movie is in the works here, Gimple does sound like he is more than open to the possibility of one. You can easily see how the idea would have been floated around the writer’s table at this point.

The potential here would be to create all new characters, settings, and environments that could either stand alone and entice fans to watch, create a cinematic franchise, or even introduce new characters that can make their way into the show a season or two after.

Would you be interested in watching a stand-alone ‘The Walking Dead’ film that took place in the same universe as the two shows? What would you like or dislike about this concept? If a cameo were to happen who would you prefer to see show up in the film and why? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Vulture