alien day

On April 26th, Alien Day, a new VR experience will be made available to fans of the franchise titled ‘Alien: Descent’! The experience will be “based at The Outlets at Orange in Orange County, California” so sadly isn’t something that everyone will be able to enjoy easily.

In the game, you will “join an elite squad of Colonial Marines sent to investigate a distress signal from a Weyland-Yutani mining outpost. Just before losing contact, the facility reported some sort of infestation. It’s up to you and your squad to contain the threat, quarantine any survivors and get everyone off-world safely.”

Your team consists of up to four players who can move around the area using special first-of-its-kind wireless technology that will allow users to experience virtual reality. Also, prop weapons and motion trackers will help players immerse themselves more in the experience. To top things off, they will have special environmental effects in place which will allow you to really indulge your senses while tracking down these aliens.

The game itself only runs about 15-minutes long and will cost you $22 to play, but diehard fans and gamers alike will probably be happy to shell this out to be able to hunt down while being hunted by xenomorphs. Most Alien themed games are either slow burn survival games or fast-paced action, so this experience is trying to capture both feelings during the limited available playtime.

Do you want to have a shot at hunting down aliens and check out ‘Alien Descent’? Is this a VR experience you could jump into and have a blast playing? Is this kind of an experience something you’d want to check out once or multiple times? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Alien Descent