a quiet place

There has been a slew of rumors that ‘A Quiet Place’ was partially conceived as a ‘Cloverfield’ tie-in and this news about the monsters in it seem to confirm that. We didn’t know much about the monsters in the film outside of how they hunted, but there were some minor hints throughout the film that they could have been extraterrestrial in origin! Also, we’ve learned a bit as to the world they evolved on and how that made them the perfect killing machines that they are.

The details came from John Krasinski in a recent interview:

“In the film the exact nature of the marauding beasties is kept ambiguous, bar the odd hint, but Krasinski told us outright that they’re extra-terrestrial. “They’re an evolutionary perfect machine. The idea is if they grew up on a planet that had no humans and no light, then they don’t need eyes; they can only hunt by sound. They also develop a way to protect themselves from everything else – that’s why they’re bulletproof. […] The other idea was it’s also the reason why they were able to survive […] the explosion of their planet and then survive on these meteorites. Until they open themselves up to be vulnerable, they’re completely invulnerable.”

‘A Quiet place’ is the current horror hit that is a darling among fans. It has taken an idea that is unique for storytelling in modern times and delivered a solid, emotional, and terrifying film for fans to enjoy.

I’m wondering how exactly this new detail being confirmed could play out in a potential sequel.

Did you enjoy checking out ‘A Quiet Place’? Were the hints enough to have you already feel that these creatures needed to have been from outer space and not a strange mutation or monster created in a lab? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Empire Online