stranger things

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ have always held an important place in Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things,’ and it is starting to sound like that the tradition will continue into the third season. In the freshmen outing, we saw the kids playing a campaign at the very start of the show. Following that, they named the Demogorgon after a demon in the game. For the sophomore season, we saw the manual get used pretty frequently as they used what they know about the Mind Flayer to deal with the powerful new entity which was trying to destroy their world.

As to how we’ve discovered that the game could play an even larger role going forward? A couple of posts from artist Jared Flaming is what brought it up. In them, he was sitting with the prop master of the series and showing him more of the ins and outs of the game:

I love that he is going out of his way to ensure the accuracy of the game in the show. However, it also leads one to speculate that there will be somewhat of an increase in usage of the role-playing game elements showing up in the series.

Serious gamers may notice that the Fifth Edition being used above doesn’t completely line up with the “Expert Edition” from the basic set which the kids on the show use but comments on the post share that this was more for learning purposes than anything else.

Do you think we’ll be seeing even more of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ referenced in the third season of ‘Stranger Things’ or is this just so that the casual play we see is screen accurate? Share your thoughts below!