It must be exhausting being Michael Bay. On top of being hated by a whole lot of people, his film slate is always filled to the brim. On any given day, if he isn’t directing a new film (or TV show), he’s producing it. And today is no different.

According to /Film, Bay and his Platinum Dunes compatriots have just sold a time travel found footage film to Paramount. Titled ‘Almanac’, the movie was written Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan, with Dean Israelite, the cousin of Bay’s ‘Ninja Turtles’ director Jonathan Liebsman, directing. Though these three are newbies in the biz, they sure appealed to the big studio with their twist on an old reliable since found footage films are favorable due to how cheap they are to make and how profitable they tend to be most of the time.

No details are known about ‘Almanac’ at this time, but apparently it’s like ‘Chronicle’ except with time travel rather than superpowers. And with ‘Looper’ fresh in people’s heads, it’s no surprise that the studio will “move aggressively and swiftly with it.” Even if the new JGL/Bruce Willis flick didn’t come out recently, everybody loves a good time travel movie.

Additionally, this is territory that found footage films haven’t explored yet, so it’s very possible that we’ll be getting something new and exciting here. But then I remember that Michael Bay is involved in some capacity… Anyway, what do you think about ‘Almanac’? Share your thoughts in the comments below.