While the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ in the comics have morphed to be more like their onscreen counterparts, don’t expect that to happen with ‘Deadpool’. While the Merc with the Mouth is already quite similar between these two formats, the company is going to keep these two iterations a bit separate. The main reason isn’t from a lack of wanting Deadpool to be the same across mediums, but all falls down into the legal territory of all things.

Specifically when it comes to the look of and costume worn by Ryan Reynolds.

While Wade Wilson might soon be a Disney Princess once the buyout of 20th Century Fox by the Mouse House goes through, but for the time being, it doesn’t look as if the comic version can look exactly like the cinematic version – even if the differences are extremely minor.

Here is how we learned about this even being an issue:

Someone asked if I’d ever drawn Deadpool in his movie costume, and I actually did once, for an issue of Spideypool. In this story, Wade got a part in a Deadpool movie playing as the stunt double. For the scenes on set, I thought it would be fun if he wore the actual movie costume, so that’s what I drew. I didn’t think anyone would notice or care, since the difference is just a couple of straps and some knee pads. But they did notice, and made me change it back to his typical character design, because the lawyers wouldn’t allow them to use the movie costume for some reason! So weird. So I had to redraw that Deadpool in all those scenes. I ran into a similar lawyer-induced problem with Marvel a few months ago when they asked me to do an ad for some smart phone drawing software. I was going to draw Deadpool, but it turned out they weren’t allowed to use him for the ad, so we figured Spidey would be safe, and I did a drawing of him. Turned out, they weren’t allowed to use Spidey either! So I had to do it again. This time I used Iron Man, and there was a long conversation and lots of phone calls before we figured out which Iron Man costumes would be safe for me to draw! The moral of the story: study your licensing deals! #dailydeadpool #spideypool #deadpool #costumes #freelancelife #reillybrown

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And here is a scene from the comic that it came from!

I suspect that once the deal goes through little hiccups like this will be a thing of the past.

Are you amused that some kind of deal, likely licensing, prevented this minor and temporary costume change from happening? Do you think that it will no longer be an issue as soon as the buyout finalizes? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!