the predatorWe know that Shane Black’s ‘The Predator‘ had been pushed back from February 9th of this year to August and now we know why. It looks like nearly the entire third act of the film had to go through extensive reshoots causing the film to be pushed back again now with a September release date. The reason for the reshoots is unclear though it sounds like it is related to more than just the 3D treatment of the movie.

Even so, Keegan-Michael Key who stars in the movie is still excited for it and has shared the following.

“We just finished [reshoots] last week, and just about three-quarters of the third act was rewritten. And Shane Black is… he’s just a consummate professional and a consummate writer. He’s a wordsmith! It was a really, really exhilarating experience, and I think that he’s still one of our most vibrant writers of cinema.”

Reshoots have become the norm for movies these days and at the very least, Key had nothing but praise as to what ended up being changed. When the writer is called “a wordsmith” and the entire thing being considered “a really, really exhilarating experience,” you can’t help but think that we’ll have something fun on our hands.

At least, that is what every fan of the ‘Predator’ franchise is hoping for since the feelings from both fans and critics have been quite mixed ever since the first movie.

This isn’t all of the praise which the actor had for the writer and director either as he had this personal story to share:

“We had a birthday party, my fiancée and I are born 10 days apart, and he wrote this lovely email afterwards. I don’t have my phone on me, and I don’t have it memorized. She just said, ‘Thanks for coming to the party,’ and he wrote back this gorgeous erudite email. It was pithy, like three sentences, and we were in a public place! He’s just lovely. You think it’s going to take a month; it takes about one day for you to get over, ‘Holy shit, you wrote Lethal Weapon.’ He’s really, really, really terrific. It was a wonderful experience.”

It sounds as if the pair had an excellent working relationship with one another!

Are you looking forward to ‘The Predator’? Do you feel that these new reshoots will hinder the film or do you have faith that Shane Black is going to deliver us what fans of the franchise have long been waiting for? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend