Laurence Fishburne is reprising his legendary ‘Matrix’ role as Morpheus in an advertisement for the new luxury car, the Kia K900.  Many profess to tune into one of the most watched events of every year strictly to check out the elaborate ads that companies pay millions to air to such a huge audience.

In this one, Fishburne returns as Morpheus, encountering an unsuspecting couple and presenting them with two choices: a blue key which will take them back to the “world of luxury that you already know” and a red key which will change how they see luxury.  The ad then takes a surreal turn as Morpheus serenades the couple and all passersby around them with a powerful take on ‘Nessun Dorma’.  (Not sure if it’s actually Fishburn singing.)

The ad, called ‘The Truth’, is about 90 seconds long and cost Kia $6million to air. You can watch the clip below then let us know if it was money well spent:

So… will you be heading out to pick up a Kia K900 based on this?  Do you tune in for the game, the commercials or the half time show?  Comment below!

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