While a cinematic take of Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series has been in various forms of development for years, one finally is looking to be made with David S. Goyer helming it for Apple! The streaming giant has just snagged the rights to develop the novels into an ongoing series and has made it so that the Skydance Television production will be a straight-to-series order.

This is a win for Apple who has a huge customer base but lacks the original content offerings that Netflix and Amazon Studios are currently offering to their customers.

Goyer will serve as the showrunner with Josh Friedman (‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’) to deliver their take on the novels.

The work was initially published in 1942 and tried to imagine humanity already scattered across the galaxy and ruled by the Galactic Empire. One historian is using new technology to predict upcoming events and feels that the Empire is destined to collapse in the near future and is attempting to prevent all of humanity’s knowledge and history from being wiped out when it does. There are huge twists that come from it for those who have yet to read these classic novels we’ll leave things at that for now.

The last two attempts to make this happen were a feature film by Roland Emmerich in 2011 and later HBO snagging the rights in 2014 to attempt a series which never came to fruition.

To be totally honest, I would have been much more excited if HBO’s previous attempt with Jonathan Nolan had come to pass.

Apple has been busy trying to develop new content recently and on the science fiction front has already purchased the rights to Steven Spielberg’s ‘Amazing Stories’.

Are you excited that Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” series might finally see the light of day as an ongoing series? Do you feel that the company will eventually allow it to be viewed outside of the Apple ecosystem or will you have to be a paying member to see it? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider