The cast of ‘Revolution’ made an appearance at WonderCon on Saturday and brought with them a highlight reel with scenes from upcoming episodes. If you were one of the many that couldn’t get to the con in Anaheim, California, don’t worry! has you covered and we have the reel for you to watch below.

‘Revolution’ returned on NBC on March 25th after a long 4 month hiatus. If you didn’t watch the episode, then you might not want to watch the reel as it starts with a major spoiler that left viewers open mouthed. For those of you who did, continue reading…


So it looks like the blinking light Rachel removed from inside Danny’s chest will play an important part in the remaining episodes. What exactly is it and why was it surgically placed in his body? The upcoming episodes also point to the imminent approach of war and we see that there will be hostages on both sides. Who will survive and what more casualties will our group of rebels endure is just one of the many questions that will hopefully be answered in the coming weeks.

The upcoming episodes do seem to up the action factor and hopefully what tweaks were made for the remaining episodes are enough to help ‘Revolution’ see a second season.

Check out what you can expect from the highlight reel below:

‘Revolution’ airs Mondays at 10pm/9C on NBC.


Source: TV Guide