stan lee

In a sad story recently, The Hollywood Reporter has recently done a massive expose about Stan Lee and what may be going on in his personal life nowadays. It is a lengthy and thoroughly engrossing piece involving family drama, sheisty business managers and associates, and sadly enough, potential elder abuse of one of the most beloved men of our time.

Ever since the death of his wife Joanie due to a stroke this past year, things have been off for dear old Stan Lee, who seemed to have maintained his youth and vigor with his wife by his side. Over the years there had been rumors of issues with his daughter J.C., who it had been said was a bit spoiled and abusive to her parents, with some business associates claiming to have been there when she had physically threatened or hurt her parents over money issues, though the couple had never filed any charges as this was their daughter. The problem came from the fact that Stan and Joanie did not give J.C. all the money she wanted claiming she needed to learn to be more responsible with her finances, with Stan once claiming the woman spent between $20,000 to $40,000 on credit cards monthly. So they set up a limited trust for her which made her absolutely furious, especially when she saw her parents living very comfortable (though Stan is by no means fabulously wealthy, as the man was not the greatest businessman in the world, never able to fully capitalize on his Marvel deals).

Sadly, after the death of Joanie, it seems that Stan has been unable to stand up to the onslaught of his daughter, and there may be shenanigans going on behind the scenes that those close to Stan Lee are not pleased about. According to what The Hollywood Reporter is saying (as proven by written documents and testimonies from those close to Stan), J.C. appears to have taken over, ushering out many of Stan’s management and legal partners and replacing them with her own henchmen. Public evidence of the new state of affairs came as recently as the Silicon Valley Comic-Con (video below), where a very sickly and uncharacteristically quiet Stan is passively signing hundreds of comic-books for fans for a premium price with no limitations (despite his age and obvious exhaustion), with a man standing behind him repeating his name and how to spell that name like a factory manager repeating orders to a worker on the assembly line.


When asked for comment however, Stan Lee and his current management claim nothing is wrong, with Stan saying he supports his daughter and his current situation, though at this point no one knows what to believe as he may be just trying to keep a good face to the public or may not want to speak ill of his daughter to the press. For now, though, many that were once close to Stan are worried and are being actively pushed away when inquiring about what is going on. For the full story,  make sure to head on over to THR by clicking here.