lost in space

As the pop-culture-watching world eagerly awaits the premiere of the rebooted ‘Lost in Space’ franchise via a new season on Netflix in just a few weeks, details are starting to trickle in about the show itself, which has managed to remain fairly well kept under wraps.

Matt Sazarma, one of the creative minds behind the new series, talked in a recent interview about the “vibe” of the series, and how it may – if at all – tie into the original series.  Sazarma tried to provide what spoiler-free information that he could:

“There are a lot of Easter eggs to the original show, if you’re like a super ‘Lost in Space’ fan, which I think there’s some people who are, which is not that many, but a few… The first five or six episodes of the original ‘Lost in Space’ were in black and white, and they’re beloved by the hardcore fans, and they actually have a tone that’s a little different from the campy brightly colored ones that are also fun, but are remembered by most. The tone of the original six is they do crash land on just one planet, and are pushed by crazy weather and monsters to survive. I remember when we were first working with the material and we watched those first few, we were like, ‘This is a way in.’ I think people who loved the show from the 1960s will recognize that we draw upon the first five or six episodes in Easter egg ways.”

Sazarma has a decent amount of experience in rebooting/reinventing existing franchises and characters, as he has previously been part of the writing/creative team for films such as ‘Dracula Untold,’ ‘The Last Witch Hunter,’ ‘Gods of Egypt,’ and the ‘Power Rangers’ reboot film, along with handling writing duties for as-yet unreleased films about Flash Gordon, the classic Atari video game Missile Command, and the board game Clue.  Recently, Sazarma has also been hired by Song to write a screenplay for a ‘Morbius, the Living Vampire’ film which will inhabit the “shared universe’ of Sony’s Spider-Man/Marvel films.

ScienceFiction.com has been given special access to the first five episodes of the new season of ‘Lost in Space’ – click here to check out our reviews, and get ready to enjoy the season when it drops on Netflix on Friday, April 13, 2017!