Young Justice: Outsiders

At long last, fans are getting a third season of ‘Young Justice’.  This popular series was cancelled by Cartoon Network after the Mattel toy line that accompanied it bombed at retail.  This left the show on an unresolved cliffhanger.  But thanks to the DC Universe streaming service, any lingering questions will finally be answered.

Series three, subtitled ‘Outsiders’ will become available on January 4, which is only two weeks away!  In anticipation, DC Universe has released 25 still photos and the titles and descriptions of the first three episodes.  Check it out below!

Episode 3.01 – Princes All

After the Justice League faces a horrifying incident on the planet Rann, Dick Grayson gathers an elite squad of heroes to shut down a meta-human trafficking syndicate in Markovia.

Of particular interest in these first photos is the first ‘YJ’ appearance of the Justice League’s Ice, as well as Hardware and Batwoman and an updated version of Plastic Man.  The latter characters are depicted alongside The Flash and Katana.  Are these all members of the Justice League now?  Hmmm…

Episode 3.02 – Royal We 

Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock, Conner Kent and Jefferson Pierce go undercover in Markovia to stop the Bedlam Syndicate’s meta-human trafficking cartel – before it claims another victim.

In the comics, Black Lightning was a member of the Outsiders, but on ‘YJ’ he is established as a member of the Justice League.  It seems that his character is being elevated as a tie-in to the debut of the Outsiders on this series.

Episode 3.03 – Eminent Threat 

Conner Kent and Prince Brion Markov are in the clutches of Count Vertigo, leaving Dick Grayson, Artemis Crock and an emotionally damaged Jefferson Pierce to save them and put an end to the Bedlam Syndicate.

In the comics, Baron Bedlam was the first villain faced by the Outsiders.  It looks like the show is following that storyline and using him as the bad guy of this new season.

No signs yet of Darkseid and his fellow New Gods, but they will appear, as they were teased at the end of Season 2.  Season 3 premiers on DC Universe on January 4.

What do you hope to see on ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’?