You gotta hand it to HBO, they know how to market their shows. And this new trailer for ‘Westworld’ Season 2 definitely does not fall into the category of “let’s just rearrange the footage from the first trailer and call it a new one.” This all appears to be brand new footage from Season 2, with new dialogue, new music, and a new feel for what is going to come in the second season of HBO’s ‘Westworld,’ and I am pretty excited about what Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy has in store for us come April 22nd.

The trailer does a good job of showing us a lot of characters in action, which, true, may just show us some of their development in the first episode of the season, but is still enough for us to start developing some theories. It seems that we will continue to get some flashbacks to Bernard and/or Arnold with Delores in therapy moments, though those scenes have much more weight now that we know what is really going on. Maeve is on the hunt for her daughter, and from the trailer, it looks like she will definitely be heading over to Shogun World, and my guess at this point is that her daughter may have been reassigned to that park following the traumatic events in Westworld itself. William (aka The Man In Black) seems ready to go to war with the hosts, and though he does not seem happy he does seem almost excited to be fighting the hosts now that the stakes are real and they can truly fight back and kill him if he makes a mistake. And Teddy continues to share his dislike for all of the bloodshed that Delores has wrought, making me wonder if the hosts might have a defector in their midst who might actually end up helping the human survivors to either escape the park or turn the tide against Delores. 

No matter what, the trailer is definitely worth watching a few more times to see what other clues and Easter eggs I may have missed, and will have to be enough to tide me over until the show premieres next month.

Did you spot anything important that you would like to mention? Feel free to share any findings you have in the comments below!