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We’ve been without ‘Chuck‘ for a few years now and not everyone was on board with the ending but Zachary Levi (‘Thor: Ragnarok’,’Heroes Reborn’) has decided to share his take on the end of the series. While he’s been doing quite a few feature films and a ton of voice work since his time on ‘Chuck’, let’s be honest when almost everyone remembers him from his work as the lead in it with co-stars Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin.

As to the series finale, if you haven’t seen it somehow at this point this is a spoiler so you should probably turn back now. The show closes with Sarah, the love of Chuck’s life, has lost her memories of everything that we’ve seen play out on the show including their time together. They don’t know where to go from that point on but she still feels close enough to give Chuck a “magical Disney princess kiss” which may or may not fully restore her lost memories. Only, we don’t know as after the kiss the series comes to a close.

Much like many series finales, the audience has had split reactions. Some are all in favor of the unknown while many feel cheated that these two may not have ended up coming fully back together in the end.

According to Levi:

“I don’t know — I really don’t. I understand why people were disappointed with it, I understand why some people weren’t disappointed with it. I understand why some people felt like it was open-ended, almost like a circle all the way back again. In some ways I think that’s sort of genius, if you imagine that we’ve come right back to the beginning and that Chuck and Sarah have to relive almost all those adventures and journeys all over again, like one big, screwed-up loop. It’s just so much work! Can you imagine Chuck having to win her heart every five years? Like, here we go again…”

That is a fun and almost bittersweet way to look at it with the two having to constantly fall back in love with one another for the rest of their lives. Levi did fully feel that it fit though and has a reason why as well:

“I understand why people thought ‘We invested five years in this relationship and now we’re not sure,’ but Chuck was a hopeful show. I personally think the kiss worked, and if it didn’t then screw that.”

What did you think about the series finale of ‘Chuck’? Did you feel that the kiss at the end would recover her memories or is it going to be a fresh start for the pair? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book