death of superman

The original 1992 “Death of Superman” run is getting a new animated adaptation and this time with not only some major talent behind it but with a plan for the story to be split into two films.  ‘Death of Superman’ is set to land later this year with plans to release ‘Reign of the Supermen’ in early 2019 to follow those who took Superman’s place and then most likely close with the return of the real Man of Steel.

There are a lot of familiar voice actors returning for ‘Death of Superman’ who have previously been featured in the DC Universe Original Movies. This will help anyone who has been watching to lose themselves in the story.

Jerry O’Connell is set to reprise his role as Superman, Rosario Dawson is back as Wonder Woman, Nathan Fillion is again playing Green Lantern, Christopher Gorham will be returning as The Flash, Matt Lanter is again Aquaman, Shemar Moore will once more by Cyborg, and Jason O’Mara is set to voice Batman.

Also in the mix will be O’Connell’s wife Rebecca Romijn as Lois Lane, Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor, Rocky Carroll as Cyborg’s father Silas Stone, and Patrick Fabian as Hank Henshaw.

While we know Henshaw will return for the ‘Reign of the Supermen,’ the voices of Superboy, Steel, and Eradicator have yet to be announced.

With DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers knocking it out of the park in animated features these days, one would suspect that it will have better sound and animation than the 2007 release of ‘Superman: Doomsday.’ The original adaptation wasn’t well received from poor visuals, mixes responses on sound, and a subpar adaptation of the story which missed major sequences.

Are you looking forward to once again rehashing the plot of ‘Death of Superman’ is another animated format? Do you think that they’ll be able to nail the story now with how successful the DC animated feature films have been? Share your thoughts below!

Source: CBR