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“It’s time to make a movie and chew bubble gum, and I’m all outta gum!”

It sounds like ‘Duke Nukem‘ is moving forward and John Cena who was rumored to be playing the leading part is fully on board to do just that. Which doesn’t mean you should get your hopes up on the film materializing in the near future, though, as it is so far into pre-production that it just as likely might not happen at this point.

The casting news came directly from producer Andrew Form who was asked about Cena’s involvement:

“Yeah, that’s what we’re working with now. He is. Yes. We don’t have a script yet, so that is confirmed at this point but if he reads the script and he doesn’t like the script I’m sure there’s ways that he could pull out, but right now he’s our guy.”

The idea, of course, is that this 1991 cult classic video game would give us an action hero that would have been over the top even in those 80s action films – which is fitting as most of his one-liners come from that time period. Their goal is to channel another recent movie which makes sense for the rating that they’ll almost have to aim for:

“We are working on Duke Nukem right now. It’s going to be about tone. That’s about tone. How do you nail that tone in the way that Deadpool nailed the tone? I think we have to do that and if we don’t get the tone right then, we’re not going to make the movie.”

Now, trying to have the main character being completely sexist and not very likable if you break it down could be difficult to bring to life if you don’t mix things up a bit:

“You know that having a misogynistic guy in today’s world, how do you make that fun and lovable, and at the same time he’s got to be an incredible badass, so those are the things that we’re struggling with, and we’re going to try and come out with what I hope is a really fun ride. That’s the goal, is for it to be a really fun ride.”

I’m sure it can be doable, the question is if they’ll be able to pull it off.

Would you want to see a ‘Duke Nukem’ movie get made today? Do you think with today’s society and culture that they can have a hit on their hands in the spirit of the original or will they need to change the character for it to work? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend