We’ve known for quite some time that Paul Feig has had his all femaleGhostbusters‘ film plotted out and that Sony loved the idea. Now we’re happy to be able to share with you his initial plot outline. Now, this isn’t a guarantee that this information is what we’ll see on the big screen once it is released, but it is the pitch that was able to get the film green lit. Of course, if you want to wait for the official synopsis and don’t want spoilers you can turn back before going any further.

As we all know, the film is sadly set to be a reboot and not a sequel so here is the gist of it. The audience is introduced to humanity as we are today, prior to the supernatural becoming public knowledge. So far, so good as the public didn’t know about ghosts in the original movie either right off the bat. We’re also at this point introduced to a convicted murderer who will become a ghost and really do a ton of damage to New York City after his execution unleashes his spirit due to “a supercharged electrical storm.” Okay, that’s new.

I would assume this will be due to death by electric chair to fit in with the electrical storm at just the worst possible moment but we’ll see how that plays out on screen. If it still ends up being the main plot at least. In his initial pitch, Feig also had a specific actor in mind and wanted Peter Dinklage (‘Game of Thrones‘,’Pixels‘) to play the part. I mean Dinklage as a ghost that is terrorizing New York? Oh yeah, that sounds fun. Here, though, is where it gets strange as it appears that Dinklage convinces a ton of evil ghosts from history to join him in order to take over the world.

One might ask why the ghosts had not previously decided to interact with humanity though I’m sure that is something which would be addressed in the film as it otherwise seems like a pretty huge plot hole which I can’t imagine would have helped sell the script.

Of course the villain isn’t the only main character in the film and this is where we are introduced to the four women who will become the Ghostbusters as we watch them try to “figure out in [various] funny, scary, and action-packed ways how to save New York City and the world.” Oddly enough, the four are also apparently going to be working for the United States Government though the Feds will, at the same time, be claiming that ghosts do not exist. Feig had another specific actor in mind here as he wants Cecily Strong from ‘Saturday Night Live’ to play their contact that “always saying terrible things about them in press conferences and then apologizing to them behind the scenes.”

This government angle could be how a spinoff with Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum could end up working if a new agency is formed in the equivalent of say, S.H.I.E.L.D.

What are your thoughts of the rumored plot? Do you think it is an overall arc that you could get behind or are you hoping there will be some major changes before the film hits the big screen.

Source: Cinema Blend