Robert Downey Jr. Avengers: Infinity War

With how many epic battles and oneliners I’m sure have yet to be revealed in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,‘ it is interesting to note that Robert Downey Jr. has shared that we’ve already been given a look at his favorite scene! The best part is that Downey doesn’t have the same ego as Tony Stark and his favorite moment doesn’t involve his character.

Fans are likely thinking back now to the most recent trailer and dying to know which scene it could be. Was it that moment when Captain America squared off against Thanos and seemed to hold his own?


Was it the quip from a young Peter Parker to Doctor Strange that they were using their made up hero names which gave the actor a chuckle?

Also no.

Clearly, it had to be Gamora relating the story of her “father” Thanos erasing half of the galaxy with a snap of his fingers and how it was a call back to the iconic moment from the “Infinity Gauntlet” comics which fans are dying to see?

No, it wasn’t that either.

So what was Downey Jr.’s favorite scene? According to the esteemed actor:

“My favorite shot in the movie has already been seen, and it’s when Thor, who’s just totally gnarled up, turns and goes, ‘Who the hell are you guys?’ and you cut to the Guardians [of the Galaxy]. I’m like sold. If the whole third movie was that scene, we’re fine.”

Yes, folks, the “after the credits” scene from the first trailer is Downey’s favorite!

A great shot from our cosmic cast that when ‘Thor’ debuted in 2011 never would have seemed feasible to see on screen together. Oh, how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown.

Was this Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy mash up your favorite scene from the previews so far? Do you think this is an excellent moment to judge the entire ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ feel from or just Robert’s personal brand of humor? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Toronto Sun