Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984
Total Film

Gal Gadot is the savior of DC on film. She’s fun and charismatic. That is something noticeably lacking from the previous entries into Detective Comics’ shared universe of movies. Combining her version of Wonder Woman with the time period of 1984 makes the upcoming sequel even more of a must-see. Oh, and that whole swinging from the lightning scene may also have something to do with it.

GamesRadar brought us news today that a new image has been released for ‘Wonder Woman 1984’. The photo shows Princess Diana in her iconic armor effortlessly handling a couple of thugs. What did these guys do to deserve having their wrists brutalized? I bet you any money that they were going to buy all the ‘Gremlins’ merchandise and sell it at inflated prices to desperate parents! Or they’re just thugs doing bad things in the mid-1980s.

Do you know how we can tell this still is from 1984 and set in a mall? Pastels. Nothing was more common than neon lighting and pastel colors in the age of excess. Everyone seemed obsessed with buying the blandest wallpaper as long as it was beige and light pink. Oh, the horrible wallpaper. And the Swatch watches. And the acid-washed jeans. How innocent we were just four decades ago. Sigh. Being a mallrat from the ’80s was the best.


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The photo was originally released as part of an interview with director Patty Jenkins over at Total Film. During the interview, Jenkins expanded on why this follow up to her 2017 original was a different beast altogether. The shoot was a more strenuous ordeal:

“I was more ambitious with it. So doing all the stunts for real on wires and things, it’s extremely complicated and time-consuming. And everybody involved knows that you could say, ‘Oh, forget it, we’ll just do it in CG.’ So it was difficult in a new way [compared to the first film].”

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ hits theatres on June 5th and has Gal Gadot returning as the warrior princess with a heart of gold. Patty Jenkins returns to the director’s chair, and the sequel will also feature Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, and Kristen Wiig.