simon pegg star trek

A lot of talk has been going on lately regarding Quentin Tarantino and ‘Star Trek,’ with the rumor mill swirling with stories about the man writing and potentially directing the next installment in the vaunted franchise, with many wondering if that means we’ll actually be getting a ‘Star Trek’ film rated “R.” Of course, to be fair, all that is really known is that Tarantino has pitched an idea which is being scripted by Mark L. Smith.

While speaking to ‘HeyUGuys‘ recently, Simon Pegg shared his thoughts on a ‘Star Trek’ film with Tarantino behind the scenes, and why he does not necessarily think that means it will be “R” rated:

“I don’t think [Quentin Tarantino] has written an R rated Star Trek script. I think what happened is, he went to JJ with an idea that he’s had for a while. I remember he told us about it a long time ago. I think he told me and Edgar [Wright] about it a long time ago. He just put it to JJ and I think JJ’s just considering putting it into a writing room. We got an email saying ‘Guess what? Guess who came into the office the other day?’ I don’t know much about it other than it’s in the mix, so we’ll see.”

To be fair, Tarantino is a huge fan of movies and of the original ‘Star Trek,’ and I do not necessarily see him destroying the franchise or the brand just to bring his own unique style into the film. My guess is he has an idea that he feels would work for ‘Star Trek’ that he is excited about, but that’s it. And at the end of the day, just having that idea does not necessarily mean it will get made, as JJ Abrams still has to sign off on it, and other rumors have it that Abrams has his own ideas for the 4th installment, involving bringing back Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk (from his first ‘Star Trek’ film). I doubt he would be able to do that as well as Tarantino’s idea in the same film, so it may come down to which story is fleshed out best by the time Abrams makes his decision.

What are your thoughts on Tarantino getting into the ‘Star Trek’ world? Would you be interested if it was ‘R-Rated?’ Share your thoughts in the comments below!