Fans of the show ‘Supergirl’ will remember that heartbreaking breakup between Alex and Maggie at the end of season three. Well, now we can all relive the pain over and over again, as an exclusive first look at a deleted scene from the episode ’Damage’ shows the couple’s final moments together. In the scene, Alex and Maggie come to grips with the reality of their situation and decide it would be best to split.

Alex and Maggie are shown dealing with the fallout that happens as the result of their decision, like canceling their wedding venue reservation and trying to answer the age-old questions of whether or not to return the gifts they already received. The scene also shows the ladies popping open the bottle of tequila from Alex’s great uncle Jerry. If any occasion calls for getting drunk, calling off a wedding certainly counts!

The deleted scene can also be found on ‘Supergirl: The Complete Third Season,’ which is available now on Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD. While it is not the happiest thing to watch, it does serve its purpose and fills in some holes from the episode which only showed Alex and Maggie drinking from a bottle half empty tequila. As for why the full story wasn’t shown in the episode, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained:

“Yeah, we felt like you didn’t need to see that argument because no one was wrong and no on was right. It just is what it is. You’ve never really seen two people break up – who are still in love with each other – for legitimate reasons. We kept talking about the banality of breaking up with somebody. There is actually a scene we left on the cutting room floor of them calling the caterers and wedding venue to get their money back. We really liked the idea that even after they decided to break up they slept together again, because they love each other. Even when Maggie walks out the door, both of them still love each other.”

Check out the lost scene below!