Marvel Studios’ Phase Two is well underway. With two of the five (or six, if you count ‘The Avengers 2’) films currently filming, it won’t be long yet until we see our favorite heroes appear on the silver screen yet again. But while we wait, starting this week, we can watch Joss Whedon’s ‘The Avengers’ in the comfort of our own homes until next year when ‘Iron Man 3’ comes out.

Speaking of the massive hit of this summer (and ever), one of the standouts of the film was Mark Ruffalo’s take on the Hulk, a hero whose previous adaptations failed to do him justice. However, now that the proper way to portray Bruce Banner’s jolly green alter ego, there’s been talks of when the incredible one will be getting his own solo film featuring Ruffalo, as he is contracted for multiple Marvel movies.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently shed some light on when this new Hulk movie could be coming in an interview with MTV (via /Film). First, he addressed the notion that the character, after a few failed attempts, can’t carry his own feature film. Check out this quote in defense of the Hulk:

“Do I think Hulk can carry a movie and be as entertaining as he was in ‘Avengers’? I do believe that. I do believe he absolutely could. We certainly are not even going to attempt that until ‘Avengers 2.’ So there’s a lot of time to think about it.”

Now we know the when, but what sort of story will the new film feature? He goes on to say that popular Hulk stories ‘Planet Hulk’ and ‘World War Hulk’ might be good stories for a new film:

“I don’t think there’s a lot that we couldn’t do someday, as the cinematic universe continues to grow and expand and get as big as the comic book universe. ”Planet Hulk’ is a cool story, ‘World War Hulk’ is a cool story. I think there’s pitfalls of continuity-overload, and mythology getting so dense that it almost collapses in on itself [with those cosmic projects]. It happens every few decades or so in the comics. Apart from that, I’d say everything is on the table.”

Because there has been talks of the ‘Civil War’ storyline making an appearance in the cinematic universe in ‘The Avengers 3’, it’s not exactly a bad idea to start the road to that event with one of those storylines.

World War Hulk

For those unfamiliar, in ‘Planet Hulk’, the brightest minds in the Marvel Universe ban together to launch the Hulk into space for his own safety and the safety of others. Hulk’s ship enters a wormhole and is lead to a gladiator planet, where he leads an uprising and becomes a king. In ‘World War Hulk’, Banner returns to Earth with some of his allies from that planet to seek revenge on the heroes that banished him.

In my opinion, both of these tales would make for excellent cinematic experiences. What do you think about the next Hulk film potentially including these two events? Share your thoughts in the comments below.