Lynda Carter
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#WonderWomanToo.  It seems that even the mightiest woman on the planet isn’t above sexual harassment.  As women of all walks of life, but particularly those in the entertainment industry, come forward with accounts of sexual and other types of harassment, abuse, and assault in the workplace and elsewhere, Lynda Carter has now admitted that even she was victimized in her career, including during her time starring on ‘Wonder Woman’.

But in an interview with The Daily Beast, Carter indicates that the perpetrator has already been dealt with, so she did not wish to name names, but she threw her support behind other women who have come forward.

“Yes… He’s already being done in. There’s no advantage in piling on again.  And, I believe every woman in the Bill Cosby case… I believe [the Trump accusers], too. Why would they lie? I believe the women.”

Carter starred for three seasons on the hit series ‘Wonder Woman’ in the mid-late 1970s and has continued to work since as both a singer and actor.  She has a recurring role on ‘Supergirl’ as the President of the United States, Olivia Marsdin.  She appears in the upcoming ‘Super Troopers 2’, reprising her role as Governor Jessman.  She also works steadily providing voice work for various video games.  Fans and director Patty Jenkins are currently hoping that Carter’s schedule allows her to make an appearance in ‘Wonder Woman 2’, the sequel to Jenkin’s box office sensation from last year.

Last year ‘Wonder Woman 2’ endured a bit of a controversy when it was rumored that star Gal Gadot refused to sign on if Brett Ratner, who acted as a producer on the first ‘Wonder Woman’ and who has been accused by six women of harassment, was not removed from the sequel.  The truth is that Ratner and his company RatPac-Dune Entertainment’s contract with Warner Brothers had simply run out and following the abuse allegations, WB has distanced itself from Ratner and his company.  Gadot was not involved.

Carter will next be seen in ‘Super Troopers 2’ on April 20, 2018.