However, while searching the basement, they find human remains, including a skull, which they bring to the morgue and trick the doctor there into doing a DNA test on to let them know who it belongs to. While waiting, Trish decides to broadcast on her show to try to shake loose some leads (without telling Jessica, which really pisses her off) when Trish gets a call from Dr. Hanson asking for a meet-up. Infuriated and not liking the idea of Trish going to this meeting alone, Jessica calls TMZ with a tip of Trish (“Patsy”) and Griffin’s relationship being on the rocks (complete with a picture of a pissed off Trish) and has Malcolm “sit” on Trish while Jessica herself goes to meet up with Dr. Hanson.

The meeting does not go well as Hanson extolls the benefits of IGH and explains to Jessica that they were saving her life, that she was “dead” after the accident and they brought her back, and that her powers were a side-effect not intended, none of which sits right with Jessica. Trish gets a call from the morgue saying the skull belonged to Leslie Hanson and she and Malcolm race to the meeting to warn Jessica, but they arrive too late. Jessica and the woman had already started fighting and Jessica learns the woman is about twice as strong as her. She knocks down Jessica and races out of the bar knocking Malcolm down on her way out (injuring his shoulder) and jumping up a 10 story building to escape, much to everyone’s shock.

Not a bad start to the season, though it took almost 3 VERY full episodes (each one clocking in over 55 minutes) to finally get to who I assume is the big-bad of the season, but it is always such a pleasure seeing Kristen Ritter in the title role that you can almost forgive the series for indulging themselves a bit and keeping in some very long takes and scenes. Not as much action these first 3 episodes as one would hope, but things are clearly just getting started, and what we have seen has been pretty great, so I’m not worried. Check back soon for the review/ recap of the next 3 episodes!