Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 2

Meanwhile, Trish, knowing Jessica is reluctant to dig too deep into IGH (not aware of what happened with Whizzer) decides to follow her own lead and recruits Malcolm to film a video of her talking to a director she once worked with named Maximilian Tatum, who turns out had an illegal relationship with a 15-year old Trish Walker back in the day. She threatens to go public with the news unless he uses his pull to get her medical files from the hospital where Jessica and her family were taken. He refuses to do this so she gives him 48 hours to change his mind before she tells the press her story. Malcolm, having filmed the whole thing, and clearly into Trish, confronts Tatum and demands he help Trish, punching him in the face when the man refuses to do anything for Trish and bad-mouths her. Meanwhile, Trish is confronted by Simpson when left alone on the studio lot. Fortunately, she is not unarmed, but the show cuts back to Jessica before we can see what happens just yet.

Jessica meanwhile tracks down the home of Miklos Kozlov, the IGH doctor who experimented on Will Simpson, but sadly finds the family is mourning the man’s loss as he recently died in a “freak accident” (same as Whizzer). As she investigates the house she is confronted by a man in a wheelchair who claims Simpson is responsible for all of these deaths and thinks Jessica is another IGH monster causing trouble. Following that incident, Jessica tracks down Trish (having to call Trish’s mom, who she despises, to ask for help, as Trish’s mom was the one who gave Trish the contact info for Tatum), and she arrives just in time to “save” Trish from Simpson, only to learn that Trish actually shot Simpson in the leg, and was holding him at gunpoint to get some answers. Simpson reveals he was actually protecting Trish from the real monster, who suddenly makes their presence known in the studio. Simpson tells them to run as he will hold it off. Jessica gets Trish out of there and they hear whatever “it” is kill Simpson. They return to find Simpson’s body and they collect his things, and his weapons, and head out to dispose of it quietly, using a beach that Jessica’s family use to go to for vacations. Jessica finally agrees to work with Trish on the IGH case, and step #1 is to see a therapist/ hypnotist to shake loose some memories for Jessica, and surprise surprise it does not work out. Back at home, Jessica receives an eviction notice from Oscar who is afraid of her and her abilities.

Hogarth meanwhile, parties and deals with her diagnosis, and answers Pryce Cheng who is furious that Hogarth dumped the lawsuit he filed against Jones. Following that, Hogarth approaches Jessica, in an oddly vulnerable moment and asks for her help in getting dirt on her law-firm partners so she can fight what is being done to her, and Jessica agrees to help, with Malcolm’s assisting as always. Jessica revisits the IGH building and discovers the name Leslie Hanson, so she and Trish find the apartment belonging to Leslie Hanson and head there to investigate, finding it empty.