HBO has a smash hit on their hands with ‘Westworld‘ and not only do we have some great images from the first season’s finale to share with you today but some interesting new videos have surfaced. One YouTuber has taken the time to sit and cut through a lot of the videos to try and not only make sense of the actual timeline of the story but share it with how events happened in chronological order, at least of the first six episodes.

Before I sent you off on a journey into video land which will eat up part of your day, here are some of the shots from the 90-minute finale that HBO has cooked up for us. We don’t know if it will answer what is at the end of the maze or who The Man in Black actually is, or if there really is even two timelines but there should be some explosive action and hopefully at least one major revelation when the screen fades to black.





Only videos 1 and 3 are currently out as the second video is set to be released later. The first video explores the various pieces of the timeline puzzle while the third shows ‘Westworld’ in the present. The second video will actually be about events in the past which have primarily been thrown through flashbacks.

You can check the first video here:

With the third video here:

That’s over 16 minutes and quite a bit of information to take in. However, if the multiple timeline theory that is so popular actually is correct then it seems to make sense of quite a bit of it. Hopefully, we’ll get a better idea of how that plays out this coming weekend.

Are you looking forward to the finale of the first season of ‘Westworld’? Do you think that the show is really being told through multiple timelines? Share your thoughts below!

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