Fans of ‘Gotham‘ that also enjoyed the 1999 story of “No Man’s Land” might be thrilled as the season finale could be adapting the tale. The finale is indeed titled “No Man’s Land” which could either hint at the story arc or just be a nod to the title.

It could also just have a similar name and instead, put the spotlight on all of the women on the show instead of the men for a change.

For those unfamiliar with the event, a giant earthquake hit Gotham City and it was left to deal with the problem by itself with non-stop chaos erupting throughout the area. It got so bad that the federal government had to pull back their support for what was going on in the city limits.

My money is on it being related to the comic storyline for one reason. Earlier in the season co-executive producer, Bryan Wynbrandt was talking about what the Season 4 finale cliffhanger would entail without giving any solid details and hinted:

“While we’re leaving a lot on the table, there’s going to be plenty left for us to put on the table after this season. I mean, we’re driving to a really amazing place where talk about a cliffhanger! It’s going to be insane.”

He also stated that the finale would leave fans dying for a fifth season and following the “No Man’s Land” story arc, if done right, could do just that! It would also give the writers an excuse to write in some classic bat moments without actually having Bruce become Batman quite yet. This kind of a disaster would be the perfect moment to let our young vigilante really shine as he continues to come into his own.

Are you looking forward to “No Man’s Land” being adapted to the small screen? Do you feel this story can be done justice with Bruce Wayne not entirely being Batman at this time? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book