I have to say, after two intriguing but ultimately unimpressive episodes, this week’s ‘Alphas’ is beginning to give the show some good legs. The team is starting to gel better, and the stakes are getting higher. This week, the team is tracking down an Alpha with the ability to spread pheromones that send people within its radius into a berserker rage. The depictions of the pheromone fueled riots are surprisingly brutal and actually took me a little bit off guard. I give SyFy credit for being bold enough to go there. I would go more into the Alpha and the pursuit, but the truth is there isn’t much to it other than “person can set off riots, the team needs to find them, there are a couple twists along the way, they eventually get their culprit.”

While this episode focuses primarily on finding the Alpha who was randomly setting the people of New York on each other, there was also some very solid character development and even a surprising game-changer was thrown in. Another thing we start to see is just how much control the government has over Dr. Rosen and his group. They are given a certain amount of latitude by Agent Wilson, but we see in this episode that it only goes so far, and Rosen is far from having carte blanche.

This show clearly wants to develop the characters as a group and a team, but some are standing out more than others for me. Gary, for instance, has quickly become one of my favorite characters while people like Nina and Rachel have fallen to the side, and I am having a hard time finding them interesting.  Hicks was falling into the same category, but he had a moment with Gary at the end of this week’s episode that gave me a new found respect for him. I hope to see more of that with more characters in the future.

If you missed it last week, here’s our recap of the ‘Alphas: Cause And Effect’ episode.