Summer apparently means DVD release season is coming up, which also means studios are tripping over themselves to showcase all the cool deleted scenes you’ll have access to if you shell out for a physical copy of your favorite show!

Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive look at one of the deleted scenes from last season’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ and it’s a doozy. Check it out by clicking the image below!

The cognitive dissonance of the hopeful and romantic music coupled with the no-no-no wrongness of it all sets the skin crawling like only that series can do. So why was it deleted? I can only guess that writers thought his sanity couldn’t have taken a hit like that and bounced back the way it needed to, however slowly it may have panned out.

The entire scene was chilling enough — Rick outside of the enclosure, dark, zombie-hiding trees just beyond. If I recall correctly, in the episode itself, he just kind of tenderly held the ghost (I can’t believe I’m writing that sentence) while Michonne looked on in understandable horror, and he eventually staggered back, just generally bummed out and still a little crazy.

I certainly can’t speak to the recovery time needed for hallucinating one’s dead wife, making out with her, and watching her zombify before your very eyes, but it’s got to be more than the bounce-back on a little holding your hallucinated dead wife tenderly. Right?

Anyway, the ghost version makes more sense, even in the world of the temporarily insane, because we all know there wasn’t anything left of her to zombify. Womp womp.