Constantine Legends Of Tomorrow

It was teased that Matt Ryan’s Constantine would return on ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ after “Daddy Darhkest” and now it’s been confirmed! He was already set to reprise his role in the fifteenth episode of the season, but now he’ll be back on board the Wavewider for the finale as well. Hopefully, this means we’ll see him showing up as a central character next season.

A recent Instagram post by Nick Zano hinted that Ryan might be back as we saw someone who looked quite like Constantine in the shot behind him!

Now, the appearance has been confirmed! Before we get our hopes up that Ryan is going to become a series regular on the show it should be noted that for the finale we’ll also see Jonathan Schaech back as Jonah Hex and Franz Drameh reprising his role as Jax. With a particular fire totem acting up as of late, it could even mean we’d see Jax get powered up once again.

It isn’t clear if they’re back to help set up the next season, as flashbacks or to tackle a certain villain voiced by John Noble.

Personally, my money is on a massive team up to take down the CGI Mallus though I am hoping they find a way to keep Constantine around after the curtain closes this season. His unique skill set could be great to help craft a season that switches things up to battle a more supernatural villain that might be a problem for these Legends.

Are you looking forward to the return of Matt Ryan as Constantine? Do you think we may be seeing him join the cast of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly