Facebook wants to stop spoilers from your favorite TV shows and movies from hitting your timeline. Not only that, but they have a new feature which is being implemented to allow them to do just that! We all know how much everyone hates spoilers out there. Getting them from news websites like our own which we always try to label when a spoiler is happening to social media can just be a pain when you want to go into a new episode or movie fresh.

Now, the social media giant of Facebook wants to help eliminate that problem. At least, on their platform. The news came at NATPE during a keynote on opening day by “Facebook’s head of global creative strategy Ricky Van Veen.” There is a new algorithm being tested which will supposedly filter out the spoilers from your feed.

According to the Ricky:

“If you haven’t seen Episode 5 yet, you won’t see your friend’s comment on Episode 5. Those are really easy things to do that no one has really done yet because it’s hard when you’re having conversation and viewing in two different places. Hopefully, we can make some of those value-adds for the Facebook viewer and the TV viewer come together.”

The feature is currently being tested and is not live but you can’t help but wonder how this will be put in place. No details were shared as to how the social network will keep track of what shows you watch. It is possible for this to work, you’ll have to check into watching them which will add a new level of marketing data that the company can capture (then again, it might very well be that they’re watching everything that we do already!).

Conspiracy theories aside, we’ve all had that moment of opening our Facebooks and having the title of a show we missed from the night before be in every post of our feeds only to have to quickly close it. This proposed new feature which could eliminate that but how exactly it works is a mystery that could lead to even more data being gathered by the giant.

Of course, not having to worry about finding out who died in the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ until we’ve had a chance to watch the episode might just make it worth it. I love the concept but I’m sure privacy advocates everywhere will be worried about the implementation depending on how this rolls out.

Would you love to have Facebook be spoiler free? How do you suspect that they’ll introduce this feature? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline