Dwain Murphy Is Negative Man In The Doom Patrol On 'Titans'

The ranks of the Doom Patrol on the ‘Titans’ TV series continue to swell.  The newest bizarre hero that has been cast is Negative Man, a.k.a. Larry Trainor.  Bringing this crackling hero to life is Dwain Murphy.

Murphy recently appeared as Captain Maddox on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.  Prior to that he had recurring roles on ‘Mohawk Girls’, ‘The Mist’, ‘The Strain’ and ‘Rogue’ and has had one-off roles on dozens of other TV series.  He has also appeared in some films, including the Gerard Butler thriller ‘A Family Man’ and biopic ‘The Masked Saint’.

As for his character, Larry Trainor was an Air Force pilot.  (In the comics, he was friends with Hal Jordan.)  One day, while test piloting an experimental X-19 suborbital aircraft, after successfully breaking the Earth’s atmosphere, his guidance system “malfunctioned,” sending him into a field of deadly radiation, disfiguring him and giving him bizarre powers, most notably the ability to channel his consciousness into a crackling energy form that can generate radiation, heat and other forms of energy.  In order to hide his damaged face, Negative Man is famous for wrapping his face in bandages like The Invisible Man.

Murphy joins Bruno Bichir who has been cast as Caulder, Jake Michaels as Cliff Steele/Robot Man, and April Bowlby as Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl.  Farr is the adopted mother of ‘Titans’ member Garfield Logan/Beast-Boy (Ryan Potter), who also considered the other members his extended family.  In the comics, the team met a tragic end, sacrificing their lives to save a small seaside town called Codsville.  However, the characters have all been revived one way or another.

Murphy and the Doom Patrol will appear on the fifth episode of ‘Titans’ which is entitled ‘The Doom Patrol’.  ‘Titans’ will be available on Warner Brothers’ new DC Comics-based streaming service, but so far there’s been no word on when that will premier.

Source: Den of Geek