Kristen Wiig
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In a surprising move, it appears that Warner Brothers has found its villain for the sequel to ‘Wonder Woman’ and it’s someone you probably would have never guessed.  Word has it, Kristen Wiig is the front-runner to portray The Cheetah!  Both director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot are coming back and the sequel is said to be set in the 1980s during the Cold War.  It’s also rumored that somehow Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) will return, after he was seemingly killed in the first movie.

Wiig is best known as a comedian, although she has turned in a few dramatic performances here and there.  But the closest she’s come to an action role was as Erin Gilbert in the 2016 reboot of ‘Ghostbusters’.  She got her start and is possibly still best recognized for her seven seasons on ‘Saturday Night Live’.  She was most recently seen in the small-budget science fiction/fantasy ‘Downsizing’.  She also has a recurring role on the sitcom ‘The Last Man on Earth’.  She was nominated for an Academy Award for the screenplay for 2012’s ‘Bridesmaids’.

As recognizable and respected as Wiig is, she has never done anything close to an action movie or anything involving heavy makeup/prosthetics, something that this role will require.  Though earlier versions of The Cheetah were regular women without super powers, the version most are familiar with– and the one that would seemingly be the best fit for a live action movie– is Barbara Ann Minerva, a “were-cat” type character who is essentially half-human, half-cheetah.  Thanks to her animalistic nature, the role would also be quite physically demanding.

But just because Wiig has never taken on a part like this, doesn’t mean she can’t.  Maybe doing ‘Ghostbusters’ whet her appetite for more action-oriented roles.  What do you think?  Would Wiig make a good Cheetah?

Directed by Patty Jenkins, ‘Wonder Woman 2’ will be released on November 1, 2019.

Source: Deadline