After the mess that was ‘Justice League,‘ it wasn’t too clear if the failure was from Zack Snyder‘s source material or what Joss Whedon had done with the film so far. Either way you look at it, there appears to be bad blood in the water over at Warner Bros as a couple of DCEU creatives have now liked tweets about Whedon’s departure from ‘Batgirl’

First, we saw that Fiona, who is a “Zach Snyder super fan” shared a photo about Whedon leaving the announcement that “More bad news for fans of DC Entertainment: Joss Whedon is giving up on his Batgirl movie.” Of course, Fiona’s commentary added that “Today, the only bad news is that the media/press still think Whedon stepping down was bad for the DCEU. They should raise the bar to be media.”

Clearly, not a fan of Whedon’s work. The fun part though is that Snyder and his good friend Clay Enos both ended up liking this specific tweet. Enos quickly followed it up by playing Green Day’s ‘Good Riddance.’ It isn’t clear if the song was directly connected to this exchange, but it does seem to fit into the context of it.

With how much Whedon is reported to have changed Snyder’s work you could see why the creatives might not be thrilled with one another. However, a day after this happened director Patty Jenkins (‘Wonder Woman’) also liked a tweet that shared this story.

Not quite the happy family that we end up seeing over at Marvel Studios. Though, it should be noted that Whedon isn’t involved with Marvel these days either.

Do you agree that Whedon gone is a good thing for the DCEU or did this seem a bit childish on Snyder’s part? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Zack Snyder