For two decades now, DC Collectibles (formerly DC Direct) has done it’s best to feed the hunger of DC Comics fans need for collectibles like toys, statues, and prop replicas! This year looks to be no exception to the norm as they spent New York Toy Fair 2018 showcasing a gargantuan amount of new items from many of their long running lines of action figures and statues, plus a few items that stood on their own as truly unique releases!

Starting things off with their figure lined based on the classic ‘Batman The Animated Series’, DC Collectibles is roughly forty five figures into the line! They’re trying to do a little ‘world building’ for your collection with the release of some new Expression Packs of The Joker and Harley Quinn (who are joining Batman, who had an expression pack released last year). The Joker Expression Pack comes out in March and Harley is expected to arrive in August! These are great ways to build out your scenes and your displays with a number of alternative heads and accessories so you can truly display your favorite characters any way you wanted! Currently there is no word on any other single release figures just yet, but we’ve been told not to give up hope for this line!

For core comic fans, DC Collectibles is launching their new ‘DC Essentials’ line of 7″ scale figures that will feature a healthy amount of articulation and bring you the ‘essential’ version of your favorite DC Comics characters! They’re being released as single carded figures with dual pairings in mind; for example in July for the line launch we’re getting Batman and Deathstroke plus The Flash and Reverse Flash! You have the option to buy just one figure, but they also make it easy for you to buy each hero a villain, and vice versa! The second wave, which hits in September, includes Superman and Brainiac, as well as Aquaman and Black Manta.

One of the pieces DC Collectibles seems most excited about are their new line of action figures based on the recent ‘Doomsday Clock’ series! These figures will be available as a series of two packs that release this fall with Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias in September, Rorschach and Mime in October, and The Comedian and Marionette in November! This is also the first time that DC Collectibles has ever tackled comic book styled figures of any of the ‘Watchmen’ characters, so it’s an exciting line for sure! Like the ‘Essentials’ line, these will be in the 7″ scale.

Artist alley series! Chris Uminga is the first to release with Batman, Joker and Harley Quinn. The next up is Nooligan with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, following by Sho Murase with Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. This line is designed to really put the artists first and tries to recreate the artist alley experience in your collection! The packaging for this line is going to include an art card in a protective sleeve in a fold open window box. One thing to make note of before you buy into these is that there are going to be special limited colorways editions for each series, such as black-and-white versions for Nooligan and Chris Uminga, and Sho Murase will have a special red-and-green holiday theme to coincide with their release around the holiday season! Be sure to do your research before you preorder to make sure you get the color scheme you like best! These are all around a $40 price point.

Another big undertaking is the ‘New Teen Titans’ Multi-Part Statue! This series recreates the iconic cover to ‘New Teen Titans #1’ by George Perez. They will be sold as individual parts so that you can build the full cover, or if you just want one or two of these classic characters, you can still get them! They will be releasing at a rate of two figures per month, starting with Robin and Starfire this August, followed by Beast Boy and Cyborg in September, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash in October, and Raven in November to round out the set! The only real question you need to ask yourself is where you’re going to put this thing!

The best selling ‘Batman: Black & White’ line is continuing with a number of new releases! The latest pieces being offered are new Batman and Joker statues based on artwork by Gerard Way of DC’s ‘Young Animal’ imprint and rock band ‘My Chemical Romance’, plus a statue of ‘The Bat Who Laughs’ based on the art of Greg Capullo from ‘Dark Knights Metal’! The ‘Batman: Black & White’ sister line ‘Harley Quinn: Red, White, & Black’, is seeing some new additions with pieces based on art from Michael Turner and Philip Tan that are both due out this fall!

Coming from the DC Bombshells line is a new take on Wonder Woman, plus The Joker’s Daughter and a new piece featuring both Catwoman and Batman together! Wonder Woman is set to hit in July, while the other two are expected to release this fall. If these spectacular new statues weren’t enough for you, there will also be a new ‘DC Bombshells’ action figure two pack of Nurse Harley and Sailor Joker hitting shelves this October!

The ‘DC Designer’ series continues with a plethora of new pieces like ‘Supergirl’ based on the art of the late Michael Turner, ‘Superman’ based on the art of Jim Lee, ‘Red Hood’ by Kenneth Rocafort, and ‘Metal Batman’ by Greg Capullo! There will also be a few set pieces like a three-pack set of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman based on the art of Jim Lee, a separately sold pair of Batman and The Joker by Brian Bolland based on the art of ‘The Killing Joke’, and a massive one piece statue of DC’s ‘Trinity’ by Jason Fabok featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman!

Rounding out the high end statue offerings are some fan favorites! The girls from ‘Gotham City Garage’ are back for more with new pieces based on Supergirl and Batgirl! Supergirl was designed as more a solo piece, while Batgirl is a bit more classically styled with her motorcycle. Plus the DC Cover Girls line is also getting a new Batgirl statue based on art by Joelle Jones that will release this August! Finally, the DC TV line of statues is adding a little ‘Black Lightning’ to the mix with a statue of the show’s titular hero that is in scale with previous DC TV statue releases.

Bringing things to a slightly lower price point, DC Collectibles has announced their new line of ‘DC Core’ PVC statues! This is the first time that DC Collectibles have done PVC statues, so it’s bringing something new to the table. These are designed as super highly detailed pieces with unique character specific display bases to make them truly stand out! They’re also being released at the $50.00 price point, making them something that pretty much anybody can afford. The first piece to release is The Joker, followed by Batman, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman!

Probably the biggest item on display at the DC Collectibles booth is their new life sized bust of ‘The Joker’ designed by the legendary Rick Baker, who has done design work for films like ‘Gremlins’ and ‘Men In Black’! This will be a super limited item, with only 200 pieces being made at an MSRP of $1000. It’s the ultimate item for any Joker fan that’s sure to become the gem of a number of collections!

DC Collectibles is also releasing a few “real world” items in the form of prop replicas straight out of the comics! Fans can look forward to items like The Joker’s Cane and Two-Face’s Coin hitting stores this summer!

With so much awesome stuff hitting this year from DC Collectibles, it’s going to be a banner year for the brand! Which items are you most excited about? What do you hope to see next? We’ve personally got our fingers crossed to see the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ figure line make a big comeback soon! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned to for all the latest news on DC Collectibles!