The CW is gearing up for its reboot of ‘Roswell’ and is putting a focus on immigration when it returns. The new series is coming to life after being off the air for 15-years and will have a bit of a political message when it returns. The show itself is being put together by Amblin Television, Bender Brown Prods, and Warner Bros. TV which will also be based on the “Roswell High” book series. Kevin Kelly Brown is also producing and is the only connection between the original series and the new iteration outside of it being on the successor network to the WB and UPN where it originally aired.

The new show is planned to have Carina Adly MacKenzie (‘The Originals’) on board as both the Executive Producer and lead writer though no director(s) have been announced at this point.

The reboot takes place in a state bordering Mexico and follows a young girl who is the daughter of an undocumented immigrant that returns to her hometown of Roswell, NM. We see that her crush as a teenager is now not only a police officer but is an alien with amazing abilities which have been kept hidden. She agrees to keep his secret and the two attempt to find out more about his origins. While they reconnect, a violent attack suggests not only a government cover-up at the site which we’ve all heard about but also that there are far more aliens on Earth than just her crush. Politics, romance, action, this one sounds like their trying to have it all and with the CW and a YA audience probably being the target it could even work.

Politics, romance, action, this one sounds like they’re trying to have it all and with the CW and a YA audience being the target, it could even work.

Are you looking forward to a reboot of ‘Roswell’ or do you wish that the network had gone for more original content? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline