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‘Charmed’ has charmed the latest Pruitt sister.  Melonie Diaz has signed on to play Mel Pruitt.  Here is the character’s casting description.

MEL PRUITT | A strong-willed feminist, she feels deeply and is a bit controlling. Mel — who is in her mid 20s and a lesbian —  is the sister of Madison. In the wake of a tragic accident, the grieving Mel becomes angry, defiantly unkempt, even violent, pushing away those who might help her, including her girlfriend, Detective Soo Jin. Mel’s power is time-freezing.

That fact that Mel is a lesbian has gained a lot of attention, but there are plenty of gay subplots on various CW shows, so it’s really not that big a deal.

Diaz may be best known for starring in Ryan Coogler’s ‘Fruitvale Station’.  She has also appeared in ‘The Belko Experiment‘ and on TV shows like ‘Elementary’, ‘The Breaks’ and ‘Room 104’.  She has a few movies completed, which will be released this year, ‘Gringo’, ‘The First Purge’ and ‘All About Nina’.

It was also just announced that Sarah Jeffrey has been cast as her younger sister Madison, who is the opposite of Mel and only wants to fit in.

Of course, ‘Charmed’ revolves around the Power of Three, but it’s implied that the third member of the triangle isn’t a sister… or at least, that isn’t confirmed.  Macy has not yet been cast, but her loyal boyfriend Galvin has been.  Ser’Darius Blain will portray the aspiring filmmaker.

This is The CW’s second attempt to reboot ‘Charmed’.  Last year, a pitch set in the 1970s was rejected.  So far, only a pilot has been ordered, but should the network like it, ‘Charmed’ could make it on the air next season.

Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin, who also work on ‘Jane the Virgin’ penned the script and will also executive produce with showrunner/creator Jennie Urman along with Brad Silberling who is directing the pilot.  Ben Silverman is also executive producing.

Source: TVLine