While Gentle Giant is a pretty well known name in the high end collectibles market, they aren’t exactly known for their products at mass retail. Or at least they haven’t been in quite some time! But that’s all about to change! This year at New York Toy Fair 2018 the Gentle Giant team was showcasing some of their fantastic high end products alongside the announcement of a whopping seven new toylines that are designed to take the mass market by storm!

All of these lines are completely new, save for one that is a relaunch of an older line we haven’t seen in quite some time! New lines coming our way later this year include Fleet Flyers, Micro Bobbles, Mini Heroes, Enamel Pins, Super Stills, Tiny Tin Pocket Pails, and the triumphant return of the Bust-Ups line!

The Tiny Tins line is a new series of mini metal lunchboxes! They open like a standard lunchbox, and include a tiny thermos that is actually an eraser you can put on your pencil! There’s also some small artwork featured inside some of the lunchboxes as an added treat! While some will sport original designs, others are actually based on classic Star Wars lunchboxes from a long time ago in a galaxy not too far away! Gentle Giant has informed us that they have rights to all of Star Wars and Marvel for these and that the line will be blindboxed.

Next up is the Marvel Micro Bobbles! This new line of blindboxed minifigures feature original designs of some of your favorite Marvel characters in a fun chibi style. Marvel wanted to do something new with the chibi style and these were what Gentle Giant came up with! They each have a base to display on and include a suction cup that relates to their powers so they can hang or swing and interact with each other. They also all have a bobble function.

The Fleet Flyers is a series of small replica ships from your favorite sci-fi brands! The first wave is based on ‘Star Trek Discovery’. Each ship includes a suction cup attached to an articulated arm so that you can stick and position your ships whatever way you want! This should make it easy to place your ships how you would like for big battle re-enactments. The first wave is 5 ships all from the first season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ but there are sure to be more to come soon!

The new Mini Heroes line is pretty much a line of scaled down vinyl versions of their long running Marvel Animated statue line! They each include an environmental base that fits the character. It isl likely that Gentle Giant will be replicating a number of the previously released statues from the Marvel Animated Statue line in this slightly smaller vinyl form.

Then we’ve got Super Stills, which is a line of high grade PVC mini busts!They’re  slightly smaller than Gentle Giant’s usual 1:6th busts, but are made of sturdy PVC and available at a lower price point making them a bit easier to add to your collection on a budget! We can look forward to ‘Marvel’ and ‘Star Wars’ coming to this line.

Gentle Giant’s new Enamel Pins line is pretty self-explanatory and launches with Pins based on the classic Kenner Star Wars Figures! They’ll be diving into a number of waves of these for both ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’.

Finally, Bust Ups are back! These were Gentle Giants first ever venture into the mass market and were “blindboxed before it was cool” back in the day. These will continue to be blindboxed but are slightly larger than the older line. We can expect to see ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’ for these as well, with the first marvel wave themed around Spiderman!

All of these new mass market lines are expected to hit retail this fall just in time for all of your holiday shopping! But that’s not all Gentle Giant was showing off this year! They’ve got more new reveals from New York Toy Fair like two new ‘Star Wars’ bookends designed to look like classy versions of a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader! These will each be sold separately, and are designed so that they can face either direction. This gives you the option to get one of each, or buy a matched set to have one at either end of your bookshelf!

Gentle Giant is also expanding the Bounty Hunter sub-collection in their 1:8 scale ‘Star Wars’ collector gallery statue line! New show reveals include Boba Fett and 4-LOM!  IG-88 is the first figure release from this series, and just hit the market earlier this month! We can look forward to Bossk next, followed by Zuckuss with more characters coming!

From the Marvel Collectors 1:8 Gallery, Gentle Giant is showcasing their new ‘Wolverine Through The Ages’ collection! Right now it’s a series of four pieces, starting with his First Appearance and continuing through the Brown Costume, Tiger Stripe costume, and Old Man Logan!

And last but not least, Gentle Giant was showing off the latest additions to their long running Marvel Animated Statue line! This was their first time showing the new Spiderman and Mary Jane Statue; which is also the first time they’ve done two characters on one statue together! This fan favorite Skottie Young styled line will continue with Squirrel Girl (who is flocked!) and Daredevil coming soon.

What are you most excited about from Gentle Giant’s new offerings shown at New York Toy Fair 2018? Which line has you the most hype? We’re just excited to see Bust-Ups coming back! Let us know what you think in the comment section below! Be sure to stay tuned to ScienceFiction.com for all the latest Gentle Giant updates!