Doom Patrol  Robotman Titans

The cast for The Doom Patrol on ‘Titans’ is rounding up as Jake Michaels (‘Designated Survivor’,’Condor’) has signed on the dotted line to portray Robotman! At this time, we know that The Doom Patrol is only scheduled to make a single appearance on DC’s streaming service but everyone involved has the potential to be a recurring character. It almost seems like a good idea to push for them and evolve the characters in a spinoff show, but it hasn’t been made clear what DC’s plan for the service will be. Or, more importantly, how it will resonate with fans.

While not known for his genre work, Michaels has had small parts on ‘Killjoys,’ ‘11.22.63‘, and ‘Lost Girl’ so this won’t be entirely out of his skill set when walking onto the set.

For those unfamiliar with Robotman, he was initially a race car driver named Cliff Steele who suffered a horrific accident which should have taken his life. Steele’s body was ruined but his mind was still active. Dr. Niles Caulder saved him by transferring his brain into a robotic body. This body gives him superhuman speed and strength with a variety of other abilities depending on the iteration of the character. He is also the only member of The Doom Patrol who has been included in every iteration of this team to date. There is no indication if Robotman will be created using CGI, practical effects or a mixture of both at this time.

With Bruno Birchir already cast as Caulder and April Bowlby set to play Elasti-Girl, there are only a few members left to make up the original team as Negative Man, Mento and Mento are unaccounted for at this time.

It should be noted that Beast Boy was also an original member though is said to be associated with ‘Titans’ on the series. It is unclear if he’ll have a previous connection to The Doom Patrol in series which could lead to why they appear in the first place.

Are you excited to see Jake Michaels helping round out the cast of The Doom Patrol on ‘Titans’? Do you think that these characters will be recurring ones, set for a spinoff of their own, or just show up for a single episode? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book