Interestingly, one of Batman’s villains will make the transition to live-action on The CW series ‘Arrow‘, which adapts the adventures of comic book hero Green Arrow to the “small screen.”  In the episode “Broken Dolls” which will air tomorrow, Barton Mathis, The Dollmaker, will appear and terrorize the citizens of Starling City.

The original Dollmaker from ‘The Super Friends’ cartoon.

The character actually originated as a comical villain on ‘The Super Friends’ cartoon, standing in for the previously established Toyman.  Since then, writers have taken the villain and adapted him to the darker world of comics.  One variation was Anton Schott, the son of Toyman.  But more recently, the Barton Mathis version was introduced.  It was this villain that cut The Joker’s face off in in the infamous first issue of ‘Batman‘ in The New 52 continuity.  (Yuck.)

At any rate, the fact that a Batman villain is appearing on the show could potentially open all kinds of doors.  It’s already been rumored that Ra’s Al Ghul may surface on the show, which would make sense considering that the show will feature other members of The League of Assassins.

Does this mean that a Batman appearance may be in the cards?  Well, so far there’s been nothing to hint at that, but with Warner Brothers seemingly getting its ducks in a row, the previously tricky rights to its flagship characters may have been cleared up.

At any rate, check out this clip from tomorrow’s episode of ‘Arrow’ featuring Ollie, apparently working alongside Detective Lance to catch this super villain:

Pretty intense, right?  Certainly not the foppish ‘Super Friends’ character!

Are you enjoying this new season of ‘Arrow’?  Do you like the idea of bringing in more elements from the comics?  Sound off below in the comments section!

Source ComingSoon