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We’re getting ready to return to Derry, Maine as casting is ramping up for ‘It: Chapter 2‘. Jessica Chastain (‘The Martian,’ ‘Interstellar’) has long been a name associated as playing the adult version of Beverly who was previously portrayed by Sophia Lillis in the first installment and now talks are moving forward. While no stranger to genre work, she hasn’t done much directly in horror outside of ‘Mama‘ and Guillermo del Toro’s gothic romance ‘Crimson Peak‘ so it would be interesting to see her tackle this role.

At this time, we know that Andy Muschietti is returning to direct the sequel based on a script by Gary Dauberman who is also returning. But outside of Bill Skarsgård reprising his role as Pennywise, there haven’t been any other casting announcements to date. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the cast from the first film come back as the younger version of The Losers Club for a flashback scene, but no mention of that has been made at this time.

Chastain’s name has been floated since the first chapter as the actress was reported to have an excellent time working with the director on his 2013 hit ‘Mama’ and both have since expressed interest in working together again. This seems like the perfect casting choice as you could easily picture Chastain as a grown-up version of Beverly. The source material would be the perfect example of her being able to play not only a wholly broken character but one who comes back from the brink as a strong woman.

Are you excited that casting is starting to come together for ‘It: Chapter 2’? Can you think of another actress who you’d prefer to see take this part over Jessica Chastain? Share your thoughts below!

‘It: Chapter 2’ will emerge from the sewers and into your local theater on September 6th, 2019!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter