The team at NECA are no strangers to providing collectors with some of the best horror themed merchandise and collectibles on the market, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that some of their first reveals out of New York Toy Fair 2018 are some terrifying new horror themed figures based on some of the genre’s most iconic characters! Jumping the gun a day or two early, NECA has revealed three all new 8″ retro styled horror figures with new figures of Freddy Kreuger from ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors’, Herbert West from ‘Re-Animator’, and Captain Blake from ‘The Fog’!

Freddy will sport his Tuxedo look from ‘Dream Warriors’ rather than his iconic red and green sweater, but this look is rarely done as a collectible making it a bit more fun and bringing a little extra something for Freddy fans! Freddy will also include a scaled light-up replica of the model house from the film as an accessory!

From the cult classic Nightmare on Elm Street movies, this clothed action figure is based on Freddy’s tuxedo appearance in Dream Warriors!

Freddy stands 8” tall and is fully poseable. He’s dressed in a fabric tuxedo with red and green striped bow tie and pocket square, and comes with a replica model of the Elm Street house that lights up. Blister packaging with resealable protective clamshell features custom artwork created by Nathan Thomas Milliner just for this release!

Right from 1985’s ‘The Re-Animator’, Dr. Herbert West is looking better than ever in his classic lab coat look! And he comes jam packed with accessories including a syringe, a bottle of Reagant, Dr. Hill’s severed head,  Rufus The Cat and more!

Herbert West has a good head on his shoulders… and another one on his desk… From Re-Animator, the movie based on HP Lovecraft’s classic tale of terror, NECA presents the mad scientist Herbert West in action figure form! The 1985 movie has achieved cult status for its dark and hilarious mix of science fiction, horror and comedy, and starred Jeffrey Combs as a medical student who will stop at nothing to perfect his reanimation serum.As a clothed action figure, Herbert stands 8” tall and is dressed in his lab coat. He comes with a bottle of reanimation reagent, syringe, bloody shovel, Rufus the cat, and a tray containing the severed head of the last guy who tried to steal his invention. Resealable clamshell packaging.

This last one is probably the most obscure figure here, but wow does he look fantastic! Coming straight out of John Carpenter’s ‘The Fog’ is Captain Blake! This figure is probably the least expected of the bunch, but also one of the coolest ones due to just how rarely we’ve seen anything from ‘The Fog’ as a collectible (this would literally be the first thing!). Captain Blake includes a Sword and Sheath.

Bolt your doors… lock your windows… there’s something in the fog! From John Carpenter’s 1980 horror film The Fog, the vengeful ghost of Captain Blake joins NECA’s clothed action figure line.

Blake is dressed in tattered fabric uniform and comes with a sword accessory that fits in a sheath at his belt. Blister packaging with resealable protective clamshell features new artwork created just for this release.

We will keep you posted on more NECA horror figure news as it hits! What other horror figures would you like to see NECA take a stab at? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to stay tuned to for all the latest updates from Toy Fair 2018!