The internet demanded it. Fans the world over stood up, made themselves heard, and have now been justly rewarded for their impatience. The new trailer for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ is here! Now instead of wasting your time reading words here is a link. Go do yourself, your children, and your children’s children a favor and watch it. Several times. I’ll wait.

Ok, so this time around we get a little more taste of what this summer’s biggest blockbuster has in store for us. The trailer opens with Ultron sitting in a castle waxing nostalgic about his origins to the Miracles. James Spader’s voice-over truly makes your skin crawl and your heart skip a beat as he talks about hope and just what he plans to do to it. You see, there’s only one path to peace, and that’s humanity’s extinction.




We see do Stark confessing to Banner about the Ultron Project. A Chicken in every pot and a suit of armor in every country. Yeah, that didn’t go so well and his A.I. children have become quite estranged. We get some more exposition and a few cool scenes of the Avengers, well… assembling. Oh and apparently Black Widow has a case of the green fever. Called it! Go team Brucetasha!

We see some more action and grim determination; but unlike some people, who I won’t mention by name but their initials are D.C., we get some characteristic humor interlaced with our grit. It all makes for one Hell of a satisfying trailer!

Oh, and we even get a little tease of some Vision!

Basically, this is the trailer I have been waiting for. It sets up the movie without giving too much away and really leaves me wanting more. May 1st cannot come soon enough! What did you think of this new trailer? Assemble your thoughts and find your voice in the comments below.