Thomas Haden Church

Thomas Haden Church (‘Spider-Man 3‘,’Sideways’) has just shared that he has a role in an upcoming comic book movie though won’t share which one it is! He did share that it won’t be a Marvel film which narrows it down slightly. Previously, we’ve seen the Academy Award-nominated actor star as Sandman, so it’ll be curious if he plays a superhero or villain in this outing.

When talking about the superhero genre in general, he teased his upcoming role:

“I’m not supposed to talk about it, but I actually have returned, but not in the Marvel world, it’s another world, but it is in that genre of superheroes and supervillains. I’m not supposed to talk about it, it’s a movie I shot last year. They’re trying to keep it-and good luck to ‘em-with, y’know, today man, I’m surprised it hasn’t already kinda been revealed.”

Now that we know it isn’t Marvel that likely counts out both the X-Men and non-Spider-Man cinematic universes as well. With the movie already having been shot last year and Marvel out the likely candidates are ‘Aquaman‘ and ‘Hellboy.’ Just about everything else this coming out year is Marvel Studios and it isn’t clear that anything was shot for 2019 films as of yet.

The DCEU is pretty open with their casting, so it seems less likely to see him there and more of a chance that he’d appear in ‘Hellboy’ where much of the story is still shrouded in mystery. We still don’t know much about the film’s inclusion of the B.P.R.D. which could give Church a heroic route into the world though there are plenty of options where his talents could be used.

Which movie do you think Thomas Haden Church is set to be in? Are there any we missed that was filmed last year outside of ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Hellboy’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: JoBlo