J.J. Abrams
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For a long time the running gag about J.J. Abrams is that he was the King of Lens Flares and now that he’s mostly done inserting them into his films, it seems he’s putting an end to another thing he’s known for – reboots. While ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ were officially continuations to the existing franchises they served as soft reboots as well and the director is wiping his hands of them going forward.

In fact, his next projects outside of what we already know about such as ‘Star Wars: Episode IX‘ will be completely new and consist of the television series ‘Demimonde‘ and likely a movie:

“I’ve written some things in the last year or so. One of them is a show we’ve just set up with HBO and there’s something else.

These were original storylines and things that I’m really excited about getting to, because I felt like I was looking to not reboot anything.”

This isn’t to say that Abrams is against the idea of reboots, hard or soft, just that they aren’t for him right now:

“There was a time when filmmakers would be inspired by things and then go off and tell their stories… and the business is such that you get inspired by things and then you remake those things.

And it works and there’s huge business sometimes, and we’ve all seen versions where we’ve seen that it didn’t.

It allows for new filmmakers, original storylines, where [the films] connect but not in a way that they make it a remake or a literal sequel. It keeps it unexpected and keeps it fun.

If I could do anything, it probably wouldn’t be to want to reboot something.”

That isn’t to say Abrams hasn’t had his hand in new features as we’ve seen through his ongoing loosely connected ‘Cloverfield’ franchise. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what new ideas pop out of his head going forward as Abrams’ original work always has a thrill to it for audiences.

Are you happy to hear that J.J. Abrams sounds to be done with doing reboots going forward and will just give us original features? What kind of movie or television series do you hope the creator will work on next? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Digital Spy